Friday, September 7, 2012

Rainbow Polish Shark

I have a new Indie polish to share with you tonight. I first came across this polish on Copious, which lead me to her Etsy store.  I had contacted her about donating a polish for my giveaway and she gave me a couple polishes to review. I wanted to share this with you tonight so that everyone could see an example of her polish before the giveaway ends!  I'll post the other one tomorrow so that you get to see another polish the winner could pick from her inventory!


Such a neat mix of glitter, small blue, large black and silver hexes and silver diamonds.  I decided to layer it over Revlon Haze, get it...gray for shark???  I did have some difficulty with the larger glitter staying put.  I ended up using the dab method to get the glitter to stay put.
This is 2 coats with HK Girl as a top coat.

The little blue glitter looks like blue sugar sprinkles!  This really is an interesting glitter polish.  I love how the light catches the glitter, so shiny! I am already eyeing up some other polishes at her store!

This polish and more are available at Rainbow Polish for $8.50.

*This product was provided for my honest review.*


  1. I really like this glitter - but then again, there aren't many glitters I don't like :D

  2. If I could trade polish collections with anyone, I would dif. go with yours! I love this polish and all of your swatches!!!!!!!


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