Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Challenge: Day 65 - Dog Days of Summer

Oh...the dog days of summer!  Those impossibly hot days that I can't stand!  To be honest I hate being hot! Hot and humid is the worst!  The past couple weeks around here have been horrible and to make it worse the AC at work sucks!  Everyday I come home feeling all wilted and exhausted.  So I am totally over summer and dreaming of the cool fall days!

For the challenge I took the dogs and put it together with the colors of being hot, at least the colors I think of. I started with 2 coats of Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine.

For my "dogs" I used BM306, 323 and Essence Wake Up.  I thought this gave me the "hot" look. I topped it off with 1 coat of HK Girl.

Summer Challenge Crew:

Debbie - The Crumpet
Helena - Nail Wish
Lucie - Lucy's Stash
Emma - Manicurity
Vic - Glowstars
Missy - Missy's Mani's
Christine - Lost in My Reverie


  1. Whoa, so bright! You stamping is amazing :)
    We get A LOT of hot, humid days too. It's been cooler the last few days though so I shouldn't complain, here's hoping you get cooler temperatures soon.

  2. as a total dog person..I LOVE IT!!!

  3. Sunglasses please :) Excellent stamping

  4. Woof woof! I don't think I've ever seen orange dogs before :D Nice summery mani indeed :)

  5. This is really cute! The orange is practically glowing!

  6. Love this!! I love how bright it is :D I'm so ready for fall, too!!

  7. Oh my gosh this is soooo freaking cute! love it!

  8. Holy cow, this is so stinking CUTE!!!!


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