Friday, October 19, 2012

Amway Personal Accents Nail Polish Swatches/Review

Yes, the title says Amway.  Did you know that Amway sold beauty products? I didn't! And they sell nail polish!  I was contacted by a very nice Amway seller, Karen, and she sells from her Amway store Steel Revolution.  I don't know anything about Amway. I think its just one of those product selling companies.  You sell their products and make a commission based on what you sell.  If you know anything about it please feel free to share.
I got to pick my polish and I am so happy that I did!  I picked a beautiful green, Hunter.  I had a hard time capturing the true color of this polish.  It is the perfect hunter green.

This is 2 coats, no top coat.

The application of the polish was amazing.  It went on like a dream and you can see how beautiful it looks after dry time.  The formula was perfect.  The only downside of the polish is the price, $12.50.  This seems a bit steep for a polish that doesn't seem to be very well known.

Karen was also very kind in sending me a lip gloss.  Check out the cap!! It has a light!! How cool is that?

UPDATE - Karen contacted me and has extended an offer to my readers!!  If you are interested in purchasing Hunter or any other color, send her an email,, and it will only be $10!  Thanks Karen!

*This product was provided for my honest review.*


  1. sooooo pretty ^____^


  2. Wow this is such a gorgeous colour! I love how its dusty and dark but doesn't lean too black!

  3. I always see Amway commercials but didn't really know what they were. Color looks awesome though!!!

  4. That looks like a really nice polish. I would of course have covered it up with glitter and stuff, lol!!

  5. My mum use to be an Amway rep it's pretty much how you described it. There's LOADS of stuff they sell makeup, cleaning products i even think there's house hold stuff etc. But my mum sold mainly makeup and she used to host makeup nights where her friends would come over and have a look. I used to really enjoy a lot of their products, they used to do a sugar scrub that was pink and smelt Amazing. Love the little touch of the light in the lip gloss and that polish colour is lovely x

  6. That green is gorgeous! It's such a beautiful colour and it has an amazing shine :o

  7. This is such a gorgeous color! And I love that gloss, the light is so neat! ^.^

  8. oh wow!!! what a brilliant colour :)


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