Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Blogiversary!

Can you believe it?!?!?
I have been blogging for 1 year!! I thought I would grow tired of this or it was something I would just try but eventually forget about...that didn't happen!
I love blogging and sharing all my successes and failures, new polishes, and other fun nail stuff I come across.  I really love interacting with my readers, nail addicts like me, and the nail blogging community.  I have made some wonderful friendships and gotten to know people that I use to be in awe of, and still am!
I look at my numbers, here and on Facebook, the professional contacts I have made and I am simply amazed at how big my blog has gotten.  I have been published in Elle Girl Japan, for goodness sakes!
I've had my ups and downs but it has always been my love for this art and you, my readers and supporters, that make me want to do this everyday.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and I hope you stick around to see how far I go! :)

I decided that I should look back and redo my very first shared design.  I have to admit it was very scary looking at that first picture...really bad!

Just look at it!!! The nail shape is horrible, and just look at those cuticles!  It's even a bad picture!  So bad, I'm not even worried that someone would steal it, hence no watermark!

I had to make this look better!

I used the same colors, 2 coats of OPI Get In The Expresso Lane and OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza!.

Instead of doing a ratty looking tip, I sponged the glitter on to my tips, which looks so much better!

Wow, I look all professional now! :)  I really have grown and I am very proud of my achievements.

Don't forget that my giveaway ends tonight....hope you signed up!


  1. Oh, wow! Happy Blogiversary to you!! Congratulations on all the milestones and achievements--and it's amazing the difference a year can make! Your updated manicure is thoroughly gorgeous. ^_^

  2. Sponging the tips makes the design so much better.
    Do you also use a different camera now?
    The colour and quality both looks so much better!

    1. HaHa! No I just learned how to use my camera! :)

  3. Wow! Hope I can improve like you have =) my pics suck lol. Well done on your blogiversary xo

  4. LOL I looked at my very first mani post too and felt the same way! Horrible pics, horrible cuticles, horrible everything! You're very brave to repost it, I thought of it, but couldn't do it...I was more willing to delete it, but I didn't. Although your first one isn't as bad as mine!
    Happy Blogiversary! Looking forward to another year full of your awesome nail art!

  5. Congrats on the Blogiversary! I love looking at older posts and seeing the difference between now :P

  6. Congrats for making it this long! I hope you have many more Blogiversaries to come!! I love looking at all the swatches you do, and all your different manis!

  7. Congratulations! I love how you decided to recreate your first mani!

  8. Congrats! And I love that you re-created your first mani all over again!!

  9. Aw congrats and what a great idea to re-do your first shared mani x

  10. Happy Blog-Versary! Your re-do is hot!

  11. Oh, what a fantastic idea this was. I have to remember to try this someday. First mani was scary for me. This was an amazing transition.

  12. Happy Blogiversary! Soon i will celebrate 1.year of blogging

  13. Congratulations!!! I think it's cute how you had a death grip on that bottle in the first pic! It's like you were saying - come on, let's do this thang! The new one is gorgeous!

  14. Well, considering the original is even better than my current manicure, you're doing pretty well! But your more recent pictures are definitely better. Good job! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  15. Congratulations!!! love your nails and manis!

  16. Congratulations!

    I don't think your old photos look bad at all! But you certainly have improved!

  17. Happy blogiversary!
    I think it's fun to see the improvement, because it proves that practice makes perfect! I'm looking forward to following you the years to come :)

  18. Happy Blogiversary!! :) I just had mine as well and cant believe I've been doing it for a whole year!

  19. Happy, Happy HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my favorite nail art blogger!!!

  20. Congratulations!!!
    Gorgeous manicure! :)

  21. Congrats on your blogiversary!!! :D
    Great mani!

    ~ Yun


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