Friday, November 2, 2012

butter LONDON Holiday 2012 Collection

If you follow me on Facebook, you saw this picture a few weeks ago.

I was so excited when butter LONDON started releasing information about this collection!  Just look at the pictures, those glitters are gorgeous!  I HAD to have this collection!

Jack the Lad
Opaque, moss green shimmer with gold, turquoise, and green microglitter.

I immediately thought of a deep, dark Christmas tree!  Jack is so different than any other green glitter that I own or have seen.
2 coats, no base or top coat. I should have done 3 coats because I had some bald spots.

Opaque, copper shimmer with pink, gold, and green glitter.

My initial reaction to this polish was chocolate glitter, however after looking at for awhile it reminded me of fruit cake!  The hint of green really makes this glitter special!
2 coats, no base or top coat.

Full coverage, semi-matte, magenta glitter suspended in a raspberry base.

My favorite polish from the collection!  Looks exactly like raspberry jelly!  So good you want to eat it! It was a little thick, so wait between each coat so it doesn't pull.
2 coats, no base or top coat.

Full coverage, bright turquoise glitter suspended in a clear base.

At first I was thinking it was just a blue glitter, nothing special, but once I got it on I changed my mind.  This glitter is gorgeous.  You really need to see it in person!
2 coats, no top or base coat.

Fairy Cake
Full coverage, silvery, multi-colour iridescent glitter suspended in a light grey base.

I am having a hard time explaining this polish.  It's like a dirty, milky silver but in a stunning way.  It makes me think of a beautiful glitter encrusted ballgown.  Plus the holo is amazing!
2 coats, no base or top coat.

These glitters are amazing!  I love every single one because they are so unique and simply stunning on!
You can purchase these glitters directly from butter LONDON, but I recommend going somewhere else, like Macy's, Nordstroms or some other online distributor.  As much as I love butter LONDON, I hate their shipping costs.  I don't understand why they charge so much to ship???? Kills me!

Good News! If you are loving these or other butter LONDON polishes check out this sale!


  1. Even better- Butter is having their Friends and Family sale for 30% off everything until Nov 7th

  2. Mmmmm I love this collection! So gorgeous!

  3. My wallet is going to be crying soon! These are fab!

  4. Wow these are all so gorgeous!

  5. Loving Scallywag, but that may be the pirate in me speaking.

  6. I love these, and I would top them with some glossy topcoat to encase and showcase the beauty.


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