Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Firmoo Glasses Review

Hello All!  I read the post and started thinking.."What?? I came for nail polish. What's up with this glasses review???"  It is a bit off topic for me but I figured, hey, why not?

Awhile back I was contacted by Firmoo to review their glasses.  Here is some information about the company.

About is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices. For this reason, we have gained a solid reputation and trust from almost 500,000 fans on Facebook.

Firmoo does offer a First-time Buyers Program that provides special offers for those purchasing from their site for the first time, such as a free pair of glasses.

I do wear glasses, when I can be bother to take out my contacts, but I have no idea what my prescription is so I decided to try a pair of their sunglasses. You can get these glasses with a prescription, in case you wanted to know.

Bad news, the glasses that I received are being phased out so if you like this pair, sorry you won't be able to order them.  They do have similar pair.

Here is everything I received:

Pretty nice, right? You get a hard case, a glasses bag, lens wipe (which seemed to create lint instead of clean) and a screwdriver with extra screw.

The glasses:

I like how the framers are nice and lightweight and the green is very pretty.  I went with these glasses because I wanted to try something different but I'm not sure they are my style.

It only took 4 days for the glasses to arrive once shipped.  I thought this was pretty good, I was figuring it would take longer.  I think that it might have taken longer if they were prescription. You have to add in the time for the lens.


  1. Those look really good on you!

  2. They look good! They frame your face well! Cute for summer!

  3. Nice glasses! I am going to get mine on Firmoo too!

  4. Aww they look great on you!

    I don't think I could pull those off but they're fun.

  5. Too funny- I posted my review of Firmoo sunglasses today too! I love the ones you got! They look super cute on you :)

  6. Cute! I almost got these too, but I picked the similar ones in burgundy instead.

  7. I got Firmoo glasses too but I chose an eyeglasses pair! Love your sunnies!!! *.*

    CHECK OUT Firmoo post on my blog "NIGHT OUT GLASSES LOOK" and let me know if you like it!! <3 love, Francesca

    p.s If you want we can follow each other on the socials! Now I follow you on GFC! If you like follw me back please!! ;)


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