Wednesday, November 28, 2012 Review

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by to promote their site, in return I got to pick some polish to review.

First some information about the site:

"We are a accessories and fashion accessories wholesale distributor from Los Angeles, CA. We always carry top quality fashion accessories from hundreds of  manufacturers and importers. We are strictly wholesale and sell in bulk to both retailers and the public. We acquire large quantities of fashion accessories, so that we can offer this merchandise to our customers at wholesale prices. We bring you an amazing assortment of products in various styles. Thank you for shopping with and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions."

They offer a variety of fashion accessories: cosmetics, jewelry, hair accessories, phone accessories and some miscellaneous items.   They do have some really neat stuff on their site.  I saw some owl necklaces that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection!

The polishes they carry are Santee, KleanColor and Nabi.  After perusing the site I think I picked some fabulous polish!

First up is KleanColor Fashionista.  Some might say that this color is every similar to baby poop, but I think it is awesome!

I added 1 coat of KleanColor Shooting Star to my pinky and ring fingers.  This polish was very thick and the brush was kind of funky, but it is a pretty glitter mix.

I added 1 coat of KleanColor Salsa Much to my index and middle fingers.  This glitter is amazing! I LOVE the holo!

My next polish is Santee Smoky.  This is a gorgeous charcoal shimmer.  There is a very subtle holo shimmer to the polish but it was difficult to capture.  This is 2 coats but it was almost opaque in 1 coat.

I added 1 coat of KleanColor Disco Ball, which really adds something to the mani!

This is Santee Black Hole.  Weird name for this polish!  It is a gorgeous metallic wine with gold shimmer.  I applied 2 coats.

I added 1 coat of KleanColor City Never Sleeps, which looks amazing with Black Hole.

Another green, Santee Auttum Green.  The formula with this polish was a tad thin and I needed 3 coats for good coverage.  Such a pretty color.

I am very disappointed with KleanColor Chunky Copper.  I love the color of the glitter but it was a pain to apply!  It kept pulling to the tip and I ended up having to place the glitter where I wanted it.  Maybe it would work better applied like a gradient.

I almost didn't get this next polish and I am so glad that I did!  This is Santee Miss Honey.  A stunning beige polish full of glass flecks!  LOVE!!!  It was also a tad thin so I added 3 coats.

To finish up I have 2 Nabi polishes.  First, Iris, a very dark blue with shimmer.  It dries to a rubber finish which does not show the shimmer that well.  It is SO thick! I only needed 1 coat!

I added 1 coat of Rock Mania and this mani was turned up 100%!

Overall I am impressed with the polishes, there are some real winners in the bunch!

My only concern with the site at this point, was shipping.  My package was not wrapped that well and I was worried that some of the polishes might not have made the trip.    Other than that I would use the site again. There are some other polishes that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection and the prices are awesome!

*These products were sent for my honest review.*


  1. Wow all of them look great.
    Too bad you're package wasn't wrapped that well, luky they all made it.xx

  2. Fashionista has been on my wishlist for a while now! Love those kind of ugly colors!

  3. I've never heard of Santee or Nabi, but there are some cool shades there! I like Kleancolor but dear lord, the smell. I'm banned from using it indoors when the husband is home! I love Santee, Miss Honey. Gorgeous.

  4. Santee Auttum Green looks so pretty!


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