Monday, November 12, 2012

Nailtini Speakeasy Collection Swatches/Review

Once again, after spending too many hours researching, wasting time on Google, I found another new to me nail polish company, Nailtini.  Nailtini comes from 'tini beauty lounge, which also carries cosmetics for lips and eyes.

Here is a little background about the company:
The Eday Group, Inc., was established in 2003 for one purpose -- to put great ideas into action. (Eday is the phonetic spelling of "idée," the French word for idea.) Since founder Michelle Toma Olson's background, not to mention her passion, is in beauty products, the company's first launch was Nailtini, the only line of nail lacquer developed to maximize the creativity of the user by "cocktailing" different shades. With its peerless performance, hip sensibility and clever, tongue-in-cheek attitude, Nailtini was an instant hit, so it was only fitting that Liptini followed. Stay tuned for more innovative launches, each one dedicated to putting a great idea into action and keeping the momentum going.

Nailtini has just launched a brand new collection, Speakeasy:

By the way, how can you not love a nail polish company draws it's inspiration from cocktails?!?!

First up is Dark & Stormyrichly pigmented mauve-greige cream.
I applied 2 coats, without a base or top coat, and the application was smooth and easy.

Included in the collection are 2 glitters.  The first is Rusty Nailbrilliant copper glitter in a sea of textured pewter.
This glitter is beyond amazing!  I only needed 1 coat, shown without top coat.  I love the pewter glitter and that hint of copper...WOW!  This is my favorite polish in the collection! It also looks wonderful layered on top of Dark & Stormy.

The second glitter is Millionaireteal & gold tinsels awash in rose-gold microglitter.  You all know that I am not a fan of bar glitter, but there is something about this glitter.  I wouldn't call it my favorite but the formula is great and I do like the 2 types of bars with the microglitter.
This is 1 coat without a top coat.

The second creme polish is Sidecarcreamy, decadent, melted caramel.
I applied 2 coats of this yummy brown, no base or top coat.

Added 1 coat of Rusty Nail.

This is were Millionaire really shines!  It is perfect over Sidecar!
1 coat, no top coat.

Overall, I am very impressed with this collection.  The colors are perfect for fall and do I have to remind you of Rusty Nail!  The formula with all 4 was perfect, making application effortless.

This collection and others can be purchased at 'tini beauty lounge, for $13 per bottle.

Good News!!  Nailtini was nice enough to provide my readers with a 10% discount!

*These products were provided for my honest review.*


  1. Millionaire reminds me of Tokidoki SANDy! I really love those two cremes, they look so smooooth.... like chocolate milk! xD

  2. omg beautiful shades.i really like the natural colours in shades of brown and beige.lovely!

  3. Dark and stormy is amazing. I need a color like this.

  4. Wow, I love these! And it's always great to hear about new brands :) Great swatches!

  5. I need those dranks and polishes ;)

  6. Never heard of these before, but what am awesome find! Really beautiful, rich cremes, and that may be the prettiest bar glitter I've ever seen! Totally loving Rusty Nail as well--the name is perfect! ^_^

  7. Is it just me, or does Rusty Nail look like Piggy Polish Lightmare? These are so fun!

  8. Thank you for your review. I'm expecting to receive a Nailtini polish in one of my beauty sample subscriptions this week. I'm happy to read that their formula is good.

  9. Just got Nailtini Millionaire! Love it.


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