Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sonoma Nail Art Powlish

I am slowing building a pretty awesome collection of Sonoma Nail Art Polish!!  I was so happy when I was able to get my hands on Powlish and Tiny Tangerines when she first released them!  It was a very happy day!

I am sharing Powlish with you first. I love how she comes up with the names for these polishes!

"it is inspired by the burrowing owls that live in Sonoma County. These little owls who live in burrows in the ground were dwindling in numbers, until some North Bay kids got together with Sonoma Birding and the Sonoma Land Trust last year to dig out areas and install tubing and burrows for the birds to inhabit. Here is a little video from this October of a burrowing owl in Sonoma County! "

I applied 3 coats, using the glue method base coat.

I decided that Powlish deserved some owls!! I used BM309 and OPI Contreau-Versial Chocolate.

And then I topped it off with 2 coats of HK Girl.

I love how different this polish is!  So cool!


  1. The polish itself is stunning, but those subtle owls make it! Great mani Katee :)

    1. I forgot to ask, is there anyway to get this? Or was it LE?

  2. This mani is so cute! Perfect for the fall time :)

  3. Love this! You know I bought this as soon as she had this up for sale! :)

  4. This is beautiful! Powlish is to die for!

  5. Your stamping makes this really something unique!

  6. I just love the owl stamping! Adorable!

  7. Very pretty. I love that owl stamp and can't wait to use mine xx

  8. I love the story behind the name! The stamp works really well with it x

  9. Oh, I *love* what you did with this! The adorable owl really adds a lot without distracting from the lovely Powlish. ^_^

    Loving your holiday re-decorating too!

  10. What a cute mani! The owl stamps are adorable! :-)

    ~ Yun

  11. OMG this is perfect !! genius and i love it !!

  12. Love this, it looks like branded leather!


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