Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let It Snow! Challenge: Day 4 - Christmas/Holidays

I have noticed lately that I have been doing a lot of stamping, not a bad thing, but I want to do some more freehand stuff.  As I have said before, I tend to think I am cheating when I do a lot of stamping for challenges.  In my defense, I did order a lot if stamping plates lately, just for the Christmas designs, so I have to get my money's worth!

I could not do Christmas designs without including a Christmas tree!  Hence my inspiration for today!  That and some pretty awesome indie polish that I just received!

I started with Girly Bits Eggnogoholic.  I fell in love with this polish the moment I saw it and knew that it would be mine!

I applied 3 coats in order to get full coverage.  I think that the next time I wear it I will start with a white base, maybe Marshmallow.
I also added 1 coat of HK Girl to speed up dry time for my next step.

This beautiful and fun polish was for my next step, Jindie Nails Noel.

I taped off a 'v' and added 1 coat of Noel.  It was a tad thick, so 1 coat was more than enough.  This created my Christmas tree.

I added a gold dot to the top using Essie Good As Gold, to represent my star.

And I topped it off with 2 coats of HK Girl.  Noel sucks up the top coat, and I probably could have used another coat,

I LOVE my Christmas trees!!  Noel makes it look like a decorated tree!


  1. Love this! Both polishes are beautiful! Noel is like a Christmas tree in a bottle- so pretty!

  2. That's a very pretty Christmas tree!

  3. Very cool! I hope you don't think less of me cause I don't do freehand and only stamp!

  4. I totally need that polish! It looks amazing on you!

  5. Wow! Fantastic! I so need Eggnogoholic!


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