Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Holidays Challenge: Day 6 - Reindeer and Sleigh

Wait until you see this design!! I am so proud of how this turned out!!  The sparkle is just so...WOW!
I was inspired by Messy Mansion, who posted this amazing design in a stamping group.  She also posted it on her site, check it out!

I started with 1 coat of Zoya Song.

I added 1 coat of Zoya FeiFei.

Using an eye shadow applicator, I sponged Zoya Ziv as a gradient.

Next, I added 1 coat of Revlon Stunning, to represent stars.

I added my reindeer using GA32, my sleigh using BM213 and Milani Black Swift.

I topped it off with 2 coats of HK Girl.

I just want to wear this forever! The sparkle is just so amazing!  I can see me doing this in the future with some other colors and designs!


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