Monday, January 14, 2013

New 31 Day Challenge: Day 14 - Stamping

I have to be honest, this is supposed to be about stamping, but the polish really is the star of this design!

I am really trying to use polishes that have been sitting in my Helmer forever.  I have a bunch of indies that I have yet to use, which led to today's polish pick.

Check out Hare Cast in Bronze!

I applied 2 coats of this gorgeous polish!

Of course I had to add a stamp, the whole point of today's challenge!

I used Essie Penny Talk and two stamps from PUEEN23.

Just look at how stunning this polish is!!

I love what the stamping adds to the polish...but really this polish is simply amazing!


  1. Oh wow, this polish is amazing! I constantly drool over Hare but always miss the restocks! The stamp you used goes perfectly too :)

  2. I love this! This is seriously so pretty!

  3. I've never seen anything quite like this before! Very pretty!

  4. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

  5. Hey there! I'm new to your blog and have been gushing over all your awesome designs and creativity!

    I have one question for you...when the name of a polish or plate is bolded and underlined, is it intended to be a link to the product? If so, they do not work for me in Safari or Firefox. The polish names are easy enough to Google but some of the plates that are just labeled with numbers and letters are harder to find.

    If they are not intended to be links, do you have a resource page here on your blog? I looked around so if you have one and I missed it, I apologize.

    Thanks and kudos to your awesome blog!

    1. I bold and underline the products I use, they are not links. The plate names are at the bottom of the post in the labels, unless I use a BM plate, which means Bundle Monster. All plates are available for purchase on Amazon. Hope this answers your question.

    2. It does! Thank you! Blogs are all so different so sometimes I miss things...thank for directing me :-)

  6. gorgeous - they really work well together x

  7. This is beautiful! I love the vertical, linear stamp you used!

  8. Oh snap!!!! I just love love LOVE this polish and the stamps look fantastic over it. Wow...what an amazing combo!


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