Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New 31 Day Challenge: Day 23 - Inspired By Nature

Another stumper!  I just didn't know what to do for today's challenge.  There are too many ideas!  I ended up going with a stamp that I have been eyeing up since I bought the PUEEN set.  It seems to be a cross between a tree and a leaf...or maybe that' just what I see!

I started with 2 coats of OH MY GOSH Nude Champagne.

 For the stamp I used PUEEN15 and Color Club Nouveau Vintage.

I topped it off with 1 coat of HK Girl.

I really love how Nouveau Vintage stamped! It looks like I did tiny, little dots to create the design! Oh...a mosaic!


  1. Looks like it was carved! Awesome . The nude is also ver pretty

  2. love this look, so simple and chic ;)

  3. The nude is very pretty and I love the stamp :)
    great job.x

  4. This is such a fun mani - the stamping is perfect!

  5. Whoooa so bizarre that it came out like that! I love it! Reminds me of Animal Crossing hahaha.

  6. This is such a great nude!! It looks so nice on you. And I love the stamping!

  7. Que lindas que ficaram, não imaginava que essa combinação ficaria tão bonita! :)

    Adorei conhecer seu blog, estou seguindo! Vem conhecer o meu e se gostar segue de volta. \o/

    Beijos queridaa! <3

    BLOG || FanPage || Instagram

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  9. That's the last straw -- I had to order the Pueen set from Amazon! (Uhhh, I hope it's the same one; I didn't actually look at all the images. Oh doG.)


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