Monday, January 28, 2013

Shimmer Polish - Airriann, Amy, Erica, Stephanie and Lorene - Swatches and Review

Today's group of Shimmers has my 3 new favorites!  Nothing like saving the best for last!

Also this group is more toppers.  I didn't add any base colors because I wanted you to see them on their own, but I really need to go back and add some color!

Pale Pink Melange Glitter Polish!

I love this rose, gold glitter mix! The hint of black in it makes it perfect!  This is 2 coats. (No base or top coat)

There is just something so elegant about this glitter.

Pink Jelly Base with Pink Rainbow Glitter Polish!

I am trying to identify what it is about this polish that I love so much!  I was going to say it is a fun polish, but there is something more to it!  It's just so pretty! This is 2 coats. (No base or top coat)

Crystal Periodot Glitter Polish!

This is Easter in a bottle!  It is so spring-y and fresh!  This is 2 coats. (No base or top coat)

Bright Royal Blue, Navy Glitter Polish!

I love how bright this polish is!  It is just so beautiful!  This is 2 coats. (No base or top coat)

Raspberry Melange Glitter Polish!

I just love a raspberry polish and this one is stunning!  This is 2 coats. (No base or top coat)

I know that the price on these glitters can be a little "wow", but they are totally worth it! I have loved every single Shimmer that I reviewed!  The mixtures are amazing and there is a fabulous selection between toppers and stand alones!

These beauties and more are available for purchase through the Shimmer Etsy Store.

*These polishes were provided for my honest review.*


  1. OMG!!! These nail colors are all so pretty. Love all the colors for I find them so classy and elegant. Perfect for any occasion or season.

  2. Erica is going straight to my wish list--the colours are so pretty!!

  3. Stupende!!! Passa da me se ti va :)


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