Friday, January 25, 2013

Shimmer Polish - Taylor, Katherine, Sarah, Trisha and Marilyn - Swatches and Review

I am so excited to share some more Shimmer Polish with you!  I have to admit, Shimmer is quickly becoming my favorite Indie glitter!  I think after you see these reviews, you just might agree with me!

Red Jelly Base with Green Mixed Glitter Polish! 

I know the description for this polish is red jelly, but to me it feels more like a deep, raspberry jelly.  And can we talk about the glitter mix....gorgeous! This is 2 coats. (No base or top coat)

Just look at all this yumminess!

Bronze Sandstone Polish! Fine microglitter. 

Copper/bronze glitter, that makes me think of ground nuts. Beautiful ground nuts!  This is 2 coats. (No base or top coat)

I love how the sun sparkles off this glitter!

Tropical Green-Blue Glitter Polish!

All I think about with this polish is...Under the Sea! Sarah is not as glitter pack as the others, so I would add a base polish.  This is 2 coats. (No base or top coat)

Look at how the sun gives it a hint of purple!

Orange Cayenne Copper Glitter Polish!

I love this burnt orange glitter!  Trisha would benefit from a base polish, something that really makes it pop!  This is 2 coats. (No base or top coat)

I love the hint of blue and gold!

Vampy Burgundy Red Polish! Fine microglitter. 

This is a perfect vampy, red glitter!  The fine red glitter and jelly base are stunning in 2 coats! But if you are looking for a deeper red, I would recommend a red base polish. (No base or top coat)

These polishes are simply stunning!  They are easy to apply and the formula is wonderful.  I really need to add some base polishes and nail art!

Wait until you see the other 5!

These and more gorgeous glitters are available for purchase through the Shimmer Etsy Store!

*These polishes were provided for my honest review.*


  1. These are GORGEOUS! I hope you mention how it was taking it off with no base coat. LOL!

  2. I love all this polishes. Are gorgeous.


  3. Marilyn is GORGEOUS!! I'm always a fan of polishes named Marilyn since they're most of the time a beautiful red and I'm a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe! LOL

  4. I need to get me some of these shimmers! Taylor is currently top of my wish list. Great swatches xx

  5. So beautiful! I particularly love the first one :D
    I always appreciate your swatches! xx
    Ely B's Little Corner

  6. I love that you didn't do a base color--I really like to see the "true nature," haha, of a polish :) it's also hard to find pictures of manis without bases! Keep them coming :)


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