Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stamping: Tape and Stamp

It took me forever to settle on polish for this design!  I had some what of an idea but I can never get it together until I decide on my colors.  After lots of digging I went with an untried for my base.

While on vacation this past summer, we made a detour to Canada and I purchased some lovely polishes, which I have yet to use!  Yes, I have issues!

Here is 2 coats of GOSH Berry Me.

This is a beautiful deep, berry polish.  In person, there is more of a purple tone, which my camera did not pick up.

It has a slight jelly consistency and the formula was like butter!  Every single GOSH polish that I have used so far, has this same amazing formula!
There is also a coat of HK Girl to speed up dry time for taping.

I taped off part of my nail and added a coat of OH MY GOSH Ashy Grey, another gorgeous polish.

Here is where everything became amazing!

For my stamp I used PUEEN02 and Zoya Storm.  I was worried that Storm was not going to show up but when I added the top coat I died!!!

I think it looks like some fancy lace.

This has turned into one of my all time favorite designs!


  1. it looks super cool, i love how the stamping took on both colors!

  2. It may have taken you a while to pick the colors but this mani is awesome! I can't wait to use storm next time I stamp! I hope it shows up this well.

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous! The colors work wonderfully together :)

  4. Good God woman! I just got Storm in the mail last I can't wait to try stamping with it! Love this, great color combo! :)


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