Friday, February 1, 2013

Indie Month: Day 1 - Serum No5 Thanks For the Memories

Yesterday I hinted at something I have planned for February and today is Day One!!

I was going through my Helmers a couple weeks ago and realized that I have a ton of Indie polish that I have never used!  (Of course I also have a ton of other polish that has never been used, but let's not talk about that!)  This lead to a fabulous idea for the month of February!  Everyday I will share a different Indie polish, hopefully with some nail art!

So February is now Indie Polish Month!

I am starting off with a fun polish from Serum No5.

Here is Thanks for the Memories.

Thanks for the Memories of black, white and diamond glitters.
It's not just black and you see that hint of holo???

I decided to feature this glitter over a bright color.  This glitter topper is just screaming for a fun, bright polish!  I choose Barry M Acid Yellow, 3 coats.

I taped off each nail so that only a middle section was exposed and added TFTM.

I left my index as an accent and added 2 coats of TFTM.

And here it is over Barry M Satsuma.

I added a second coat to my middle finger.

I LOVE the shimmer in this glitter but I was disappointed with the larger glitter.  I had to do a lot of fishing to get them out of the bottle.  I had the bottle upside down but they settled so fast.  I do think the fishing is worth the effort, because it does look so cool!

This polish can be purchased for $12 at the Serum No5 Etsy Store.

*This product was provided for my honest review.*

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  1. Ooh! Black and white glitters! I love this idea! Can't wait to see the other days!


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