Monday, March 18, 2013

Foreign Polish Month: Day 18 - Essence Bricks

I have 2 beautiful Essence polishes to show you today!

Here are Essence Lilac is My Style and Life is a Freeride, 2 coats:

These are so gorgeous! Just look at that shimmer!

Both of these are from the Snow Jam Collection.

I added a really neat brick design using PUEEN13 and Movie Star.

I didn't want to do a design that would totally cover up these polishes!

There are 2 more in the collection that are just as stunning!  I'll have to make sure to include them this month!


  1. Such beautiful colours! Especially Essence Life is a Freeride! Besides, I totally love this colour combo! So bright and happy! :D

  2. That's gorgeous. Essence makes some really nice polishes! :)

  3. I love everything about this mani.

  4. Essence is a really good brand. Like the colors you have choosen.

  5. Wow, pretty colors!


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