Monday, March 4, 2013

Foreign Polish Month: Day 4 - Catrice Yellow Sub-Mandarin

I remember when I started blogging and I would see all of these polishes from other countries, wishing I could get my hands on some.  Today I have so many of the polishes that I use to drool over that I can't make up my mind on which ones to use!  This is all thanks to some great connections I have made with other bloggers, this really is a great community!

Catrice was one of those polishes that I was dying to get my hands on and now I own tons!  Funny thing is that most of them are dark colors!  I only have a few bright ones and today's is one of them.

Here is Yellow Sub-Mandarin:

Yellow Sub-Mandarin is a yummy, yellow-orange polish with a slight shimmer.  I applied 2 coats.

I added some art using W112 and Barry M Watermelon.

This stamp is one of the reasons I purchased the Winstonia plates.  I love this basket weave!

Looks like I have the perfect design for my Easter Basket! :)


  1. The basket weave stamp is so cool! And I love that shade of polish - very summery!

  2. That looks really great. I should check out those plates! :)

  3. I'm not an orange/yellow kind of person - my skintone is already too close to those shads (haha) but you make this look so lovely, even I want to get it ;)
    Most of all, love the stamping! LOVE! *

  4. Such perfect crisp stamping! Love the colors!

  5. Wow, that color is so pretty... the perfect mix of yellow and orange! :-)

    ~ Yun


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