Tuesday, April 23, 2013

butter LONDON Champers and Sunbaker Swatches/Review

One of the new summer collections that seemed to have everyone talking is the butter LONDON Summer Holiday Collection.  Mainly because the shades do not come across as "summer tones". However, once you understand the concept for the collection, it all makes sense!

"This season is about being inspired by raw cultural elements and gilded textures.  Mix and match prints, and revel in fabrics that are foiled, embossed and authentic.  Sultry metallics in platinum, gold and rust evoke luxury, while crushed glitter in rich shades of copper and umber are offset by an accent of African turquoise. The Summer Holiday Collection was designed to pop against sun-kissed skin and the light, airy fashions of the season."

I have two shades from the collection to share with you today.  First up is Champers, two coats.

Champers - Opaque rose gold shimmer - Slang for champagne; pop a bottle in the hamper for a holiday toast on the beach or anywhere else.

I love this rose gold polish.  This polish would look fabulous next to any tanned skin tone.

Unlike most foil polish, Champers applied perfectly without having to worry about brush strokes.

The second polish I have to share is Sunbaker, two coats.

Sunbaker - Opaque rust orange shimmer - A slave to the sun with an odd and unnatural skin tone.

This polish might not be the best next to my skin tone.  It seemed to remove any color I had in my skin!  I think I need to spend some time in the sun for this polish to work for me.

I cannot believe how vibrant this polish is!  It has a resort feel to it.

Application with Sunbaker was also perfect and I didn't have any problem with brush stokes.

I saw these two polishes and immediately thought that the Saran Wrap technique would be perfect!

Champers and Sunbaker blend together beautiful and helps the paler person, me, pull off Sunbaker.  

Overall I am impressed with these polishes.  They are stunning shades that provide a very different look for the summer.

You can purchase these polishes for $15 at Macy's, Ulta, Nordstrom and butterlondon.com.

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