Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does: Animals - Rainbow Animals

Today's design is all about the base polish!

I recently came across a new to me indie polish - A Study in Polish - and LOVED everything I saw! I could have bought one of everything!  I am starting with the polish I was really excited about...Mind Palace.  I don't own that many indies that are subtle but gorgeous, or lacking in glitter, and Mind Palace is simply stunning!

Here is Mind Palace in all it's glory! (Two coats)

This gorgeous "tiffany" blue has a subtle holo to it that is amazing!

The name comes from the BBC show Sherlock, which just happens to be one of my favorite shows!  "Mind Palace" is what Sherlock does, goes to, when he is making connections.  Here is a video to help you understand:

I knew that this polish would look fabulous with some colorful animal print!
Here is what I used:
Thumb - Barry M Blue Plum and GAL32
Index - Sally Hansen Flashy Fuchsia and BM221
Middle - Barry M Blackberry and BM313
Ring - Milani Quick Teal and MASH-41
Pinky - Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet and MASH-42

I cannot say enough how much I love Mind Palace and this design!  Isn't it amazing how a little color can make a nail design really pop!  And all I did was add some stamps!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I agree with you that gorgeous doesn't have to be all glittery or even holographic! I am finding myself wanting more cremes in my life (I am super partial to a shimmer though). :)

  2. This is a gorgeous color, and your stamping is awesome!

  3. What a pretty polish, and I LOVE the stamps!! Perfect color combinations :)

  4. OOohh such a gorgeous hue! Do love Mind Palace, subtle and beautiful. With a little touch of holographic particles - perfect!

  5. Love the macro on that polish. Look at all that shimmer! Oooh. Aaaah.

  6. adorable! your nails are lookin' really good!

  7. I'm amazed over how good those polishes stamp. It's so pretty!

  8. Love this polish! It does look amazing with the animal prints. My favorite is... Ring - Milani Quick Teal and MASH-41.

  9. Stuning, very nice mix of patterns x


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