Friday, April 12, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does: Animals - Sheep

As we continue doing these challenges I am constantly blown away at the amount of talent in this group!  These ladies kill me with the designs they come up with every month!  Totally not worthy!

I decided to end this month's theme with a pleasant, spring field full of happy, fluffy sheep!

I started with two coats of Barry M Spring Green.  This green is amazing!  This is a green everyone should have in their collection.

I created my happy, fluffy sheep by dotting NYC French Tip White.

I created their happy heads by dotting China Glaze Liquid Leather and adding some wonky eyes with FTW again.

Even though my sheep look a tad inbred, I think they are cute.  Just be glad I didn't give them red eyes!  Geez, I should have done zombie sheep! Maybe next time!


  1. oohhh. I would put you into my little sheep collection that I have. LOL. It's cute...but I am not sure about zombie sheep.

  2. Awesome are too funny...inbred zombie sheep...omg too funny!

    I think they are very cute! I am dieing over that Barry M Spring Green. I wonder if I have something similar...I think I need this shade on my fingers and I welcome any cute little zombie sheep! :D

  3. This is adorable, sheep in a green field!

  4. Love that base color, and the sheep are cute <3

  5. I'm such a huge love of green colour! This design is super cute:D

  6. Lol the sheeps are cute, you're right, eyes are a little wonky but that's what makes them cute as well :D

  7. Okay, cutest freaking sheep ever! And I'm so jealous of your Barry M Spring Green!

  8. I love your inbred sheep, they're so cute!


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