Thursday, April 4, 2013

MASH Nail Stamping Plate Review

Look at what showed up in the mail the other day!!

I was so excited to be given the chance to review these MASH plates! 

I was sent plates 26-50, a stamper, scraper, white/black stamping polish and a matte top coat.  I do not like metal scrapers, they scratch the plates, so I used my plastic card instead. Metal bad!

I wanted to see how the stamping polishes would work on different colors so I used Milani Pink Express, Quick TealBlack Swift and White on the Spot.

As you can see from the picture, I used the polishes alone and together so you could see how they stamped with the different colors.

The stamping polishes worked great.  They were not thick, like the BPS polish, but more of the consistency of a good one coater polish.

I applied the matte top coat to my index and middle finger and my HK Girl top coat to my ring and pinky.

I was very surprised with the matte top coat.  A typical matte tends to smear stamping, however that was not the case with the MASH matte, as you can tell.

Don't you just love that owl stamp?!?!

These plates are fabulous! I love them so much I used them in some upcoming designs and have plans for more!

You can purchase these plates directly from MASH for $24.99 or through Amazon for $15.99. 


  1. Nice designs, They look like they transferred well too.

  2. These plates are really great! I have them and have used them a lot.


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