Thursday, May 2, 2013

Barry M's Textured Ruffles

Thanks to Ninja Polish, I recently added some more Barry M's to my collection, including three of the textures.  I was so excited about finally having the Barry M Textures I used them immediately!

For the base of my design I used Atlantic Road, Station Road and Lychee as an accent.

Aren't these fun??  I applied two coats of each polish.  Station Road has a sparkle to it but I couldn't capture it in the pictures.

I received my new PUEEN plates the same day and found a ruffle plate...YES, a RUFFLE plate! How awesome!
I added my ruffles using Grapefruit and Papaya.

I had wanted to keep it soft, but Grapefruit and Papaya are just so bright!  So it is more of a summer ruffle!

As you can see, these textures are more like the Milani textures instead of the sandy OPIs or Zoyas.

I am going to have so much fun with these polishes!  And Lychee!  Lychee is one of the most gorgeous nudes I have ever used!  This is why Barry M is one of my all time favorite polish companies!  Love them!


  1. They look like great textures! So many brands are coming out with them :D

  2. fab as always - you are just amazing xx

  3. Loooooooove your ring finger!! :D

  4. Omg the nail polishes are amazing :) and when I saw your design I was just amazed, beautiful

    New follower ;) you have a lovely blog. I also have a blog about nails, it is a little smaller but would you like to take a look?

  5. beautiful!! loving the ring finger too!!


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