Saturday, May 4, 2013

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Pen Review

Press  Sample

For today's post I have review of a nail art pen from the Born Pretty Store.   I am constantly looking for good nail art pens.  I keep thinking that if I find the perfect nail art pen my freehand skills will be amazing.  I think I am way too positive about this! 

Here is the pen that arrived:

It actually doesn't look like the pens that are listed on the site. 

I decided to try the white pen.  

The pen has a nice thin tip, which would be perfect for nice thin lines and writing.

As I said, the pen is very easy to use and create designs.  If you are looking for a nail art pen that creates thin lines, this might be what you want.  

The polishes come in white, gray, hot pink, red, black and yellow and cost $5.99 each.  Don't forget to use my code to save 10% on your order: GH10L91


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