Friday, May 17, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does: Bling - Bling Finger

I decided to keep my last post of bling week simple but pretty.

I love the contrast between a creme and a glitter.  It something about the combination of soft and hard.  It really does make a statement!

For my last design I went with a "bling finger".

I used butter LONDON Minger for my creme.  I applied two coats.

For my "bling finger" I used two coats of butter LONDON Tart with a Heart.  There is no law that states that your accent finger should be your ring finger, so I went in a different direction and used my index.

I love how great these two polishes look together!  But, in all honesty, I think Tart with a Heart makes any polish look good!


  1. Those colours looks great together!

  2. Love the colors together, and a creme and a glitter is a pretty perfect combo :)

  3. Pretty shade! Love your bling finger too :)

  4. Can I just live on your nails? I know that doesn't make sense...but I always love whats going on with them! :P

  5. I love the combo of the orange creme and the one glitter accent! super nice.

  6. love this! i'm all for mixing up different accent nails!


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