Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does: Bling - Kesha's Floor Sweepings

I have the bling-est glitter to share with you today!  This polish was the first glitter that left me speechless!

I received a mini Kesha's Floor Sweepings when I placed an order with AquaDaisy.  She was kind enough to include a couple minis for review.   I had only used it once and was completely amazed with the glitter.

Here is one coat of KFS over two coats of Essence Black is Back.

These pictures do not capture the amazingness of this polish!  There are holo glitters in here that jump off your fingers in the light!

This blurry picture was my attempt to show how stunning this polish is!

I really can't stop saying how amazing this polish is!  You can't miss this glitter!


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