Saturday, May 11, 2013

Forerunner's Fashion Magazine: Posh Impulse

My design for the May issue of Forerunner's Fashion Magazine:

Posh Impulse is all about sophisticated outfits, but does sophistication have to mean plain, boring colors on your nails? I say no! Subtle designs with pops of color would be a fabulous accessory to any outfit. A combination of any of the colors associated with this mood will make any mani an important part of your outfit.

For my design I went with a neutral base. This keeps the design crisp and the colors vibrant. I loved the look of the feather design and felt that highlighting them with bright colors would bring the “impulse” to the design.

I started with three coats of Color Club Nomadic in Nude.

I added my design using W108, Milani Quick Teal, Barry M Pomegranate and Blackberry.

I love how crisp and clean these colors stamped!

The end result is a subtle design, “posh”, with vibrant pops of color, “impulse”.


  1. Wow, love the colors and you're right they did stamp so crisp...especially for something as detailed as feathers :)

  2. Pretty, fabulous stamping too! :)

  3. OMG I love the stamps!! And a great color choice :)

  4. Great color and I love the manicure you did :D So pretty :)

  5. Gorgeous!!! I love how vibrant the overall look is! Pops up any outfit *-* Kisses,



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