Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NCLA Nail Wraps - Jazzi Review

I have a second set of NCLA Nail Wraps to share with you today!  The design on these wraps is awesome!

I decided that instead of doing a full set like I did yesterday, I would do something more interesting!

I applied the wraps to my ring and middle finger and polish to the rest.

I love the contrast between the wrap design and the polish!

This mani looked so cool and then I added two coats of my top coat.

Do not add two coats to the nail wraps!  They start to warp!  One application only!

I really wish I hadn't messed this up!  These wraps are the perfect way to add a special accent to your mani that is quick and easy!

Remember you can get these and other designs at NailPolishCanada for $16.00.


  1. Ack, thanks for the extra tip! Other than the warping it looks really nice!

  2. That's lovely :) I have to try to create nail art like that

  3. This mani is beautiful, I love how instead of doing a normal application, you made it fun and unique. :)
    But oh my gosh, I can't believe how they warped! I used two coats of Wicked Fast and didn't have a problem - which topcoat did you use?

    1. Thanks Kelly! I used HK Girl and they started warping as soon as I picked the brush up off the nail! :(


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