Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Stamping - Inspired By A Summer Dress

Today's stamping theme is inspired by a summer dress, swimsuit or shoes.  I decided to go with a summer dress a bought a couple years ago.  I bought the dress because I loved the design!

I started with one coat of Deborah Lippman Waking Up in Vegas.

For my design I used PUEEN22 and Barry M Blue Plum.

It is amazing how much this looks like my dress!  I will have to remember this when I wear the dress this summer!


  1. Pretty! Love blue stamping really pops off that grey base color :)

  2. Awesome color combo and perfect it. :)

  3. Beautiful!! That Barry M looks like a great stamping polish! I really need to get some Barry M - I don't own ANY!

  4. Barry M are brilliant for stamping. Gorgeous design!

    1. Awesome designs indeed. I want to see some plain design with fabulous color.


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