Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

As most of you already know Google is getting rid of Google Reader tomorrow.  I'm not really sure why they would do this when so many people use Google Reader but alas it is disappearing tomorrow!

Hopefully you will continue to follow my nail polish adventures in one of the following ways.

I recently, last night, updated my social network links, thanks to the FABULOUS Gnarly Gnails...really can't thank her enough!  In fact, if you have noticed I have updated the entire look of the blog!  I wanted something clean and fresh!  Anyway back to the links!

You will notice a set of links under my profile:

By clicking on these social icons you can follow me in a number of ways.

Facebook -

Twitter -

Google + -

Instagram - @agirlandherpolish

Bloglovin -

Pinterest -

Email -

Also if you have a Blogger Account you can continue to read your blogs through this account, like a Google Reader...thanks to Emma at Manicurity for sharing this!  This is how I read all the blogs I am following!

So I hope you pick one of these options and continue to follow my adventures!


  1. Thanks for letting us know about this. I read that way with the blogs I follow too :)

  2. I use the dashboard too, or my blogroll, good to know that won't change because I find it really hard to get used to using Bloglovin, I don't like how the posts open in a frame!

  3. I'm following you on Bloglovin' already. I am glad for that since I never knew how to work the google reader anyway. I am not the most computer literate and I am definitely point and click and Bloglovin' makes it so easy for me to find all my favorite blogs and keeping new posts on top for me. I am happy for the change.


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