Friday, June 7, 2013

Hare Polish - King of Carat Flowers

Remember back in February, when I had my Indie Polish month??  That was my attempt to use all my untried Indie Polish.  Guess what???  I still have a whole bunch that I haven't used!  I might have to have another Indie Month!

Hare Polish is one of my favorite indie makers.  She always comes up with some very unique combinations.  Awhile back, when this collection was originally released, I bought a whole bunch!  I have only used a few of them!  I decided that it was time!

Here is two coats of King of Carat Flowers.

Isn't this polish gorgeous??  I love the gold and purple mix!

I decided to add a very simple vine design using GA29 and Bettina Marshmallow.  I really didn't want to cover up too much of this fabulous polish!

I love how the gold shines through the design...amazing!

What do you think about Hare Polish???  Do you have a favorite??


  1. Wow this is a stunning polish! It looks amazing by itself over under the stamping you did :)

  2. Oh wow, gold and purple look amazing together! I love unusual glitter-colour-combo's :D

  3. I love the purple in this color. It really gives it a different element!

  4. I don't have any from this brand yet, but I am totally loving King of Carat Flowers! I might have to add this to my stash! :)

  5. King of Carat Flowers is beautiful. I love the delicate stamping.


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