Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Appliques Review

I have another set of nail appliques to share with you today.  I have to say that these were the best nail appliques that I have ever used.

The appliques I have to share come from Incoco.

"Incoco offers an array of nail polish strips in many different colors and designs for your fingers and toes. Our nail colors, nail designs, French Tips, and pedicure shades have all been fashioned to give you the easiest application of trendy and stylish manicures and pedicures around."

I was sent three sets to review, but for some reason I only included two in the picture.

I really thought that these first two would look fabulous together.

Sugar PlumFor silky smooth nails, embrace this muted lilac color and make your mani the envy of every girl who sees it!
Cross My HeartAll those pink hearts, and purple x's and o's, lining this lovey dovey design show your romantic side.

The thing that was different about these appliques is that they are actual nail polish.  Instead of a sticker!

I did a full set of the third appliques.
Life's A PicnicYou'll be sure to enjoy life with these magenta and yellow plaid nail strips!

These were my favorite! I love this plaid design!

I really enjoyed using these appliques.  They are nice and thin, easy to apply and are nail polish!  They come right off with polish remover!  If you are looking for a fun and easy way to do your nails I totally recommend Incoco Nail Polish Appliques!  If I didn't change my polish everyday I would rock these!

You can purchase these and many others at Incoco.com. The plain appliques are $7.99 and the designs are $8.99.  


  1. Both designs are so cute and fun! They look awesome on your nails too :)

  2. Both are really cute but the plaid are my favorite :)

  3. I've been wanting to try Incoco's appliques for a while now but I'm afraid I'll botch the application!

  4. These are all so cute! I'm a big fan of their wraps :)

  5. I love the plaid design! These seem really nice!


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