Tuesday, June 4, 2013

OPI Couture de Minnie - Special Design

If you remember...a couple weeks ago I shared the new Minnie Mouse Collection with you.  It includes some pretty amazing pinks and reds!  Well OPI asked it's bloggers to create an updated, couture design for Minnie.  Such a fun idea, right??

I was really stuck on what to do for my design!  How do you represent couture design on your nails???  If you actually look at what couture is all about it is the details.  All couture gowns have amazing details that are hand sewn.  That is were I got my inspiration!

I started with two coats of Magazine Cover Mouse.

This red Liquid Sand is the perfect base for my couture design!

I added my design using an OPI Black Matte and different images from Cheeky Jumbo Plate 3.

I think Minnie would look fabulous in this couture gown!  It is a gorgeous upgrade from the polka dots!

Press Sample


  1. Really pretty manicure! I love the look :)

  2. rocking' manicure...
    love that effect

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  3. this is stunning Katee! I love that stamping!

  4. great shade -- love it with the stamping :)

  5. color is so pretty! love it


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