Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bio Seaweed Gel Review

I have something new and interesting to share today! Something I never considered trying!  As you know I change my polish A LOT!  I probably change it four to five times a week.  I know crazy!  Because of this I never considered gel polish.  Why would I use a polish that stays on for days when I change it so often?!?!  Plus I really didn't want to spend the money on the equipment needed to cure the polish, especially when I wouldn't wear it that long!  I was contacted by a company that had something different to offer, a gel polish that cures in SUNLIGHT!

Here is some information:

The Original Professional All-In-One Colour Gel Polish

On the toes, just simply apply two coats of colour, cure and go. No need for an alcohol or cleanser wipe, UNITY dries to the touch with no sticky inhibition layer. Cut your gel pedicure time in more than half! Soak-off removal in less than 5 minutes. Lasts for weeks.

IMPORTANT: When using UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish alone (that is, without finishing with the BSG Diamond Shine Top Gel Polish on the hands or toes) do NOT TOUCH the last cured colour coat to avoid imprinting and dulling out the shine! Let the last cured colour coat cool off for 2-3 minutes first before touching, to maximize UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish’s lustrous built-in shine. Applies to both curing in the UV/LED lamp and natural sunlight.

On the hands, Bio Seaweed Gel offers our Diamond Shine Top Gel Polish and No-Sanding Base Gel Polish for the complete professional gel manicure. Soak-off removal in less than 10 minutes. Lasts for 2+ weeks.

OPTIONAL: For weaker nails (nail biters!) or extra strengthening: Add BSG No-Sanding Base Gel Polish
ALWAYS RECOMMENDED: For longer-lasting shine and extra durability: Add BSG Diamond Shine Top Gel Polish
UNITY is smooth to apply, self-levelling and never shrinks or wrinkles. With over 130 colours, UNITY is the industry favourite colour gel polish for nail art!

Each bottle is good to the last drop | Bio Seaweed Gel never dries out


BSG promotes zero dehydration, weakening or staining of the natural nails


Next are the directions for applying the polish.

1. Use nail buffer to lightly buff nails.
2. Wipe nails with 70% alcohol to remove oils and dusts.
3. FOR WEAK NAILS OR EXTRA STRENGTHENING: Indoors, apply one coat of BSG No-Sanding Base Gel Polish. Place nails outside in sunlight and cure for one minute
3. Indoors, apply first thin coat of UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish. No need to seal the edge.
4. Place nails outside in sunlight and cure for 30 seconds to one minute*. You can touch and feel when UNITY is completely dry!
5. Back indoors, apply second thin coat of UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish and cure outside in sunlight.
6. UNITY dries to the touch, no cleansers needed.
7. (WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND) FOR A LONGER-LASTING SHINE & EXTRA DURABILITY:  Finish with one coat of BSG Diamond Shine Top Gel Polish. Cure for 2 minutes in sunlight. Wipe with 70% alcohol.


Always paint UNITY colours thin. The first coat will be very light, but the second coat will be vibrant. The BRIGHTER the sun – the FASTER the CURE time.
Don’t forget to paint indoors and away from direct sunlight. Self-leveling and smooth application – makes nail art an cinch!

Seems easy enough right?!
I followed the directions just as they were written.  I had never used anything like this before so I wanted to make sure that I was applying it correctly.  I was sent two shades, Valentine, which I used as an accent, and Great Catch.  Oh...I should say that I applied this all last Friday!

These pictures show the final results, even after the top coat.  The shine was amazing! 

I was very careful in my application but I still had some hiccups.  Polish in places I didn't want polish and I applied too much top coat to a couple nails and it flooded my cuticles, which is difficult to remove once it has cured.

I also had two weird things happen on my thumbs.  On this thumb the polish seemed to separate after I applied the top coat. 

I added this photo because I wanted you to see what happens when you are not careful.  I had a heck of a time with my right pinky! Polish everywhere!  It did eventually wear off.

On my right thumb I had this weird wrinkle.  It stuck up off the nail and was really annoying.  I'm not sure what caused this.

I decided that the mani was missing something so I went back and added a design!

I used Cheeky JP9 and Essie Good as Gold and PUEEN33 with Milani Black Swift.  I used HK Girl to seal in the design.

The following pictures are from four days later.  I actually took them yesterday morning.

As you can see there is no tip wear and they actually look the same as they did on Friday!

Overall I was very impressed with this polish!  The application was very easy, making it perfect for anyone to do at home!  The fact that you don't need a LED or UV lamp to cure the polish makes it even better!  If you are looking for a gel polish I highly recommend Bio Seaweed Unity Polish!  
You can purchase the polishes online for $18.00.


  1. Wow, the wear time is great!

  2. The crinkling's often caused by using too thick a layer...

  3. Impressing! But I like to change my polish often too :)

  4. Very impressive, looks like a great idea for those who can bear the same polish for more than 2 days in a row ;-)

  5. Great Catch is such an awesome colour :)

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