Saturday, July 27, 2013

Indie Saturday: Elevation Polish - Streetside, NYC and Huangshan

I have a brand new, to me, polish for today! I have been wanting to add some Elevation Polish to my inventory for awhile now but kept putting it off.  I finally couldn't put it off anymore and had to add the fantastic Huangshan to my collection!  While I was shopping I decided to pick up another one.  The second polish I purchased was Streetside, NYC.  I really liked this polish because it was so different and unquie...oh, and it was yellow!

I applied two coats of Streetside, NYC, a mustard-yellow with yummy shimmer.

I had to use Huangshan, so I added it as an accent.  On top of the yellow, you really don't get the neon but it is still fabulous!

I am so happy I finally ordered these polishes!  They are so fun!


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