Wednesday, July 3, 2013

LAQA & CO Nail Polish Pens

In the life of this blog I really haven't had any really disappointing posts.  I have had failed manis and polish that could have been better, but nothing really negative.  I think I have been pretty lucky in my polish adventures...until now!

Last year I heard about a company called LAQA & CO and some very interesting nail polish pens. I was intrigued and really wanted to try them, however I didn't like the big price tag.  Back in May I heard about a sale and decided it was time to try them out.  I got on their site and ordered three pens.  They took my money and I expected the pens to arrive within a week.  I kind of forgot about the order, easily distracted by other polish, until almost a month later.  I realized that the polish never arrived.  This started my attempt to talk to someone at the company.  I emailed twice, no response, I left messages on their Facebook page, no response..from the company.  It took a total stranger, who was dealing with the same problem, to give me a contact number.  I called the company and talked to a very rude girl who refused to help me.  I commented about this on their Facebook page.  Finally, I got a response from someone in the company.  I received three emails stating that my order was on its way to me.   I should have just canceled the order!

I order Squid Ink, WTF and Bounty Hunter.  I tried WTF first and the application was so bad, you couldn't even tell I was wearing it, that I didn't take pictures.  I tried Squid Ink and Bounty Hunter next.

The application with these two was horrible!  The polish was like color or consistency.

The pictures actually make them look better. In person you can see the streaks and bumps.

I applied six coats of Squid Ink and four of Bounty Hunter.

This whole thing makes me really sad.  First to have a company ignore its costumers and then to have such a horrible product.  Both of these polishes are beautiful shades, in the pen, but horrible to apply.  I have just experienced so much disappointment with everything.  I don't even think it is worth the effort to get my money back.


  1. There pretty colors but your experience seems really disappointing. That's bad customer service they have! :(

  2. What a horrible experience and I simply don't understand why a company wouldn't at least try to satisfy the customers!

  3. I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience! The photos do look great, but 4 and 6 coats is not okay. Thanks for the heads up about this company.

  4. but they are very pretty colors.

  5. I went out to their Facebook page, and it seems to be a pattern...I also noticed that your posts are gone. I really, really hate it when companies do that. It's lying, to me. Ugh.

    Thanks for the heads-up to avoid this company.

  6. That is awful. 6 coats and awful customer service. In fairness I would get my money back. You could spend it on a brand that actually gives a hoot about its customers.

  7. That's a shame about the application; that blue is so pretty! Though it does look rather similar to Zoya Rocky, I think??

  8. Thank you for the review and the honesty. I'm surprised at the outcome, normally when I pay more for a nail varnish it's worth it, sorry it was such a disappointment!

  9. 6 coats!? EFF that, sorry. That, on top of shoddy service and super delayed orders, I hope they see this and refund you.


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