Monday, July 29, 2013

Urban Lacquer The Soapbox Company Exclusive - Quantum Foam

Oh boy!! I have something special to share today!  I have an exclusive Urban Lacquer polish that is out of this world!  This polish was made specifically for The Soap Box Company, which sells a selection of Urban Lacquer.  I am so excited to share this polish with you!

One of the things that I love about Urban Lacquer is her packing! She always packs her polishes with that little extra something!

And the polish! Quantum Foam!

Quantum Foam is an amazing green holo!

"Empty space—that is, space that contains nothing—no energy, no charge, no matter, nothing—is filled with a writhing, active population of virtual particles that physicists call “the quantum foam,” with bubbles appearing and popping in wild abandon. At the subatomic level, space is never truly empty."  -- Don Lincoln, Quantum Foam, Virtual Particles, and Other Curiosities

Quantum Foam, a Soapbox Company exclusive, is an unworldly, soft green linear holo polish, which will make your tips glow!  Full opacity is achieved in 2 coats, and looks fabulous alone, or with a glitter topper.  Experience luminescent nails with this limited edition polish!

I couldn't wait to try this polish!  I applied two coats but it was opaque in one.  This polish is amazing in the sun! It goes from that forest green holo in the bottle to a brilliant range of greens and blues! Simply stunning!

I also added a top coat because once the polish was dry there wasn't much shine.  

I had to get a close-up of this stunning polish!  I love the change from green to blue! It is beautiful!

I am completely blown away by this polish! If you are a holo lover you NEED this polish!  Application was flawless and you can see the results! Stunning!

You can purchase this polish through The Soap Box Company starting August 1st for $12.95!


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