Friday, August 2, 2013

Born Pretty Store Bgirl Polish Swatches and Review

Today I have this fabulous set of creamy, glitter polishes from the Born Pretty Store to share with you!  Your excited right?!?!?

As you can see these polishes come as a set with four soft shades.  They are referred to as Sparkle Yogurt Milky Glitter Nail Polish.  So how about some swatches?!?

First is the peachy polish.  I applied two coats.  The application was very smooth however the large hex glitter was curling.  It wasn't to the point that it was jumping off the nail but the ends were curled.

This is two coats of the creamy purple.  Application was also smooth and there was no curling with this one.  Just a pretty glitter polish!

This is two coats of the creamy blue.  This polish was thinner than the other two and not as smooth to apply.

Lastly, two coats of the creamy green.  It reminds me of a salad or Christmas and it is my favorite of the set.  With that said, application was also tricky with this one.  The best way to explain it was that it was lumpy, if that makes sense.  The formula was not as smooth as the other three.  But I still love the dark glitter with the soft green, so cool!

Overall I do think these are some fun polishes.  I was very happy to see that they weren't chalky but nice shiny cremes.  Yes the formula with two of them wasn't that good but if you are looking for some fun glitter polish you can't go wrong with this set.  You can purchase this set for $7.99 and you can use my code, GH10L91, to save 10%!


  1. I was just about to order these! I love 'em so much :D

  2. There lovely and soft colors :)

  3. They look amazing!! I was looking at them on Born Pretty website just now and was wondering if they were too sheer or not, thanks for the review ♡

  4. These polishes are amazing!

    I just finished reading all of your post down to the beginning :) I loved to see how much you have improved along the journey ^-^


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