Friday, August 30, 2013

Color Club Girl About Town and Ruby Wind Cupcakes and Champagne Fall Collections Swatches/Review

Today I have four lacquers to share, two from the Color Club Girl About Town Fall Collection and two from the Ruby Wing Cupcakes and Champagne Fall Collection.  They paired up so nicely that I decided to mix-n-match!

First I applied two coats of Pearl District, rich and full of energy, the greens and golds of this shade explode every time this shade catches the light, and two coats of Cinnamon Bun, a color changing, scented polish. Of course I had to show how the polish changes in and out of the sunlight! 

Cinnamon Bun turns a gorgeous winey-purple in the sun.  Pearl District is a beautiful green-gold, but you will want to watch your brush strokes.

Inside, Cinnamon Bun is an amazing bronzy-gold.  It is also a scented polish, but I didn't really smell anything.

Next I applied two coats of Wicker Park, chic and unexpected, this lavender shade is great for a walk in the park, and two coats of Rose, a beautiful glitter.  Rose looks much darker online than it was in person, but it is still so pretty!  These two were perfect together, almost fairy tale-like!  First up is an indoor shot to show how light Rose is. 

And outside.  You can see that it got darker but still not as dark as online.I am also LOVING Wicker Park! Such a pretty purple!  Also, the scent with Rose is much more noticeable!  

These polishes were so much fun! The formula was fantastic on both collections and the shades are beautiful!  I am definitely considering adding more of the Girl About Town polishes to my inventory!
If you are interested in these or any other shades check out


  1. Cinnamon Bun is beautiful! Like it the most out of the 4.

  2. I think Wicker Park is definitely my favourite, it's a really pretty colour.


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