Saturday, August 31, 2013

Indie Saturday - Hare Polish - Magic Mist

Today I have one of my very first Hare Polishes.  It actually might be the first one I every bought but I can't remember!  The point is I bought it almost two years ago and never used it....#polishaddictproblems!

I present Magic Mist....

Get ready for a lot of pictures! I just couldn't stop staring at all the prettiness!

I applied two coats of Magic Mist.  This polish is magnificent!  A beautiful purple shimmer packed full of glitter and PURPLE SQUARES!  Dying!

I think the next time I will layer this over a purple, maybe OPI Funky Dunkey.

I love the orange glitter with the purple! It makes it so different and interesting!

I have never been disappointed with a Hare Polish.  I always get an interesting mix of glitters in a wonderful base.  You can't go wrong with a Hare!


  1. That is seriously beautiful! We show grow more nails so we could start seeing the bottom of our box of untrieds... :D

  2. Beautiful combination of base color and glitters! :)

  3. I love hare polish and this is no exception! an awesome purple


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