Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crumpet's Nail Tarts Present: 33 DC - Day 2 - Mani Featuring Your Most Used Colour Polish

There is a chance that I did today's challenge "most used colour polish" wrong.  To me this means most used polish.  I am going with it and hoping I am not far from the mark.

My most used polish is Milani White on the Spot.  I thought about adding some art but ending up just featuring the polish.  Here is two coats.

I use this polish for nail art and stamping.  I love that it is such an opaque white without streaking.  Plus the fast drying means that I don't have to wait long to add my designs.

Because it is so opaque, WotS is a perfect stamping white.  It is my go to white anytime I am stamping!

This bottle got a tad thick so the application was not as smooth as usually. Time to move this bottle to the stamping pile and pick up a new bottle!  WotS and Black Swift are the only polishes that I have replaced in two years!  That's something!


  1. great white polish dear
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!
    The simple life of rich people blog

  2. WOTS is a great white! The only one I love more is butter LONDON Cotton Buds, but for the price on the Milani, you can't beat it! =)


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