Saturday, September 21, 2013

Indie Saturday - Girly Bits - Indian Summer

When I go through my Indie drawers searching for the right polish to highlight on Saturday I always experience frustration.  Most of the time I just can't decide on the polish!  To make it easier I try to use a polish that has been sitting untried for awhile.  But my untried polish pile is quite large!  My answer to this problem...close my eyes and grab!  Today's closed eye grab is from Girly Bits.

Here is Indian Summer:

I layered one coat of this gorgeous glitter over two coats of OPI What's With the Cattitude?

Indian Summer was part of the 2012 Calendar Collection and is still available for purchase.

I love the shimmer in this polish! Gorgeous!

The glitter mix in this polish is what sold me.  I love the blues and pretty!  And you get amazing coverage in one coat!  Simply beautiful!


  1. I like the "I close my eyes and grab a polish" - I think I'll try that! :)

  2. Beautiful! You're right, the copper does really make it!


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