Saturday, September 7, 2013

Indie Saturday - Lush Lacquer - Vegas Nights

Today's indie polish comes from Lush Lacquer.  I picked this lacquer up over the summer with the other two that I own.  It was when I was going through a neon glitter phase. I saw this one and knew I had to have it!

I present....Vegas Nights!

As you can see, Vega Nights is a yummy black jelly full of neon glitter.

I applied three coats and you can see that my nail is still visible.  I actually think it looks like a fantastic, jelly sandwich, however you might want more depth.  If you don't like the thinness you can always add a black base.  I might try that next time to see how it looks!

I love how the glitter is still so vibrant through the black jelly!  This is such a fun polish and I can't wait to use it again!


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