Saturday, September 28, 2013

Indie Saturday - Tough As Nails Lacquer - The Baconian Method

I am really starting to get into the fall colors!  All I want to do is wear dark colors that reflect the change in season!  I have decided that with the large amount of Halloween and Fall indies that I own that I am going to feature only those lacquers until winter!  Starting today with The Baconian Method.

Awhile back I picked up the breakfast duo from Tough As Nails Lacquer.  I loved the egg inspired polish and the fall feeling that came with the bacon polish.  They have been sitting in my Helmer since the day they arrived....months ago!  No longer!  

I started with two coats of Catrice Bruno Brownani, a yummy, dark brown. (Also never used before!)

I went with a reverse glitter gradient.

I used an eye shadow applicator and dabbed the glitter on the base of each nail.

This glitter has such a crunchy feel to it and the colors are perfect for fall!

This is one of the coolest glitters I own.  I love the colors and coverage!  It will be the perfect accent for any fall mani!


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