Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Stamping - Glitzy Glam

Today's stamping challenge is Glitzy Glam and I must admit I didn't know what this meant.  Of course the first thing that crossed my mind was glitter.  I resorted to Google and came across a picture of a really neat cake that was pink and black glitter.  This gave me a good idea and then I started thinking about Toddlers and know the crazy dresses they wear!  So this is my interpretation of Glitzy Glam - crazy toddler beauty queens and cake! 

I started with two coats of butter LONDON Rosie Lee.  I haven't used this glitter in forever!  I forgot how stunning it is!

I used two star images from PUEEN44. I stamped the silver stars using Essie No Place Like Chrome and as an accent I stamped with Milani Black Swift first.

I do love the silver and pink.  It is just so pretty!  I think this is glitzy glam..can't you just see some toddler beauty queen wearing a dress like this?!?!


  1. lol although I hate toddlers & tiara's I do think this is a really great glitzy glam look.

  2. Silver on pink looks really delicate and sweet. :)


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