Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Stamping - Un-girly Nails

Today's challenge is un-girly nails. I had a couple different ideas for how to complete the challenge and in the end went with a fun, old-fashioned boy theme.  Think 50s boys' wallpaper!

I started with two coats of Zoya Flynn.

I applied a coat of Louise and used the Saran Wrap technique.

For the stamp I used CH34 and Milani Black Swift.

All I can think about is that old 50s western wallpaper!  I love how this turned out!


  1. I think this mani is creepy and cool at the same time, lol. Love the base polish you used.

  2. Loving this, its great and the stamp is awesome!

  3. Ungirly for sure, but cute too! lol

  4. I like that. I did a mani using Zoya Flynn today too, but mine has teal roses. I was trying to think of a cute stamping idea and here you have it. I like the way your background turned out. Great mani!

  5. oh . iTs looking coooool. Love this one !!!!

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  6. I love the base color! The stamping looks great -- definitely very un-girly :)

  7. amazing for this autumn! lovely design!


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