Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does It Again!: Halloween

I created some of my favorite Halloween designs last year for this theme.  They were the unconventional designs and some of my proudest!  I kind of stayed on the same track as last year with my dedication to a classic thriller, perfect for Halloween.  The idea for my design came from the second set of OMG Nail Strips in Crow.

I applied the strips to my ring and middle finger using the same method as last time.  For the rest of my nails I applied two coats of Milani White on the Spot.

I added the rest of my design using Milani Black Swift and MM14.

Just like the last set of nail strips, once I applied the top coat I experienced some wrinkling.  This was a tad disappointing but wasn't that obvious.  You had to get real close to my nails to see it and I don't think random people will eyeballing your nails that close.  

Did you guess what Thriller inspired my design???  No not The Crow! I said classic thriller!  The Birds! I do enjoy a good Alfred Hitchcock film!

If you are interested in the nail strips remember they are currently offering a 4 for $20 promotion with coupon code “4pack” and a 10 fir $45 with coupon code “10pack”.  Plus you got to love the price at $6.89 with free shipping!
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  1. The birds are awesome! Love it :)

  2. fabolous...love it...are really perfect
    happy day

  3. The Birds is such a great film...one of my favorite classic thrillers. Great choice!
    I didn't experience any wrinkling but I'm curious, did you use a quick dry top coat or a regular one? I used regular just to be safe since quick drys will act weird over dry things sometimes!

  4. Awesome job! I totally thought of that film when I saw these!

  5. Crow is one of the ones I was deliberating getting from OMG Nail Strips! Looks great!

  6. My sister is scarred for life from seeing The Birds when she was a kid... She HATES birds... I love this as a Halloween idea and may just have to taunt my sister with something similar. :)

  7. Love this Katee!!! It's so stark and super Halloweeny!!!

  8. OK This is so creepy and awesome!!!!!

  9. I love this movie, you did a perfect recreation, if Hitchcock took a look at your nails has to love it :)

  10. I gotta get that stamp. This all came together so awesomely!


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