Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Technique Month - Cartoon Nails

I am finally posting my first mani for the new Nail Challenge Collaborative theme!  I actually have had it done for sometime, it was meant for something else.  It was just sitting in my drafts and knew it would be perfect for this theme!  The design was originally created by CutePolish, Cartoon Nails!

I used two coats of Deborah Milano 826 as my base color.  This polish was a gift from the fabulous Gin at Baroque Fool, thank you! This pink is beautiful!

I outlined my pink using Color Club Art Club Black.

I added my accents using Milani White on the Spot, a dotting tool and a striping brush.

I tried shiny first with HK Girl.  

I matted it using butter LONDON Matte Finish.

I like it both ways, shiny and matte!  This is a really fun and easy design to try!  I think I want to do skittles next!


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