Monday, October 7, 2013

Crumpet's Nail Tarts Present: 33DC - Day 7 - Art Featuring Your Oldest Untried

Oh boy! Untrieds!  I had a small problem identifying which of my untrieds is my oldest.  I think I might have an OPI or two that is pretty old and untried but I can't remember anymore.  In the end I went with a three year old untried, Essie Velvet Voyeur.  Yes, it has been sitting untried for three years!  

Here is two coats of Velvet Voyeur.

This is one the yummiest dark purples I have ever used!  It is breathtaking!

I didn't want to cover up all this gorgeousness, so I went with a simple stamp, one of my first!

I used KONAD m64, OPI I'm Feeling Sashy (review coming soon) and Essie Nothing Else Metals.

All this amazing purple-ness! 

I am ecstatic this polish was not a dud or else this mani would have been a real disappointment! I am so glad I purchased Velvet Voyeur!


  1. That color (and stamping) is just beautiful! Love it!

  2. Just when I'm feeling good about not buying much polish I now need Velvet Voyeur... :|

  3. Whoa, such a beautiful deep purple! I'm really loving this sort of shades lately. Can't believe it's been sitting in your untrieds for so long! Hehe, but glad you got to feature it now :) It's absolutely amazing!

  4. Velvet Voyeur is so beautiful! I love it with that color or stamping :)


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